How to Stay Focused in Your Home Based Business

How you view your own home based business will impact the way others work with you to succeed at home.Your perception will dictate how you “see” the management of the business and how important it is to you to run it like the business it is. This significance you place on the efficient management of your business will then project to others in your home and those who visit your office. Am I really serious about operating my real home based businesses or is this more like a hobby.Some years ago at a writers conference, Dennis Hensley, one of the speakers, told a story about working from home with a humorous illustration: I asked Sally (one of the well known and successful writers at this conference) how she deals with this issue of working at home. I explained to her there are times I just don’t feel like working and I don’t feel as though I’m really at work. She then told me she understood this and it was a problem for her early on but now she explained, “I learned that I must treat my position just as if I were not at home” She went on to explain that she does this by getting up early and making herself up real nice, right down to her choice of an exquisite perfume. She explained further, “I choose one of my prettiest dresses and put on my high heels and when I walk down the hall to my office, I know why I’m there and I get right at it.” Several months later I met Sally again and she asked me, “How are you doing working out of your home?” I then thanked her again for the advice she had given me about the self perception we must maintain when operating from our homes. I said, I’m just having a problem walking in those high heels.”Our own perception of how important our work is will be evidenced by how efficiently we work from the home. Am I building real home based businesses or just playing games?Remain focused on how important each item you’ve scheduled for the day is and don’t let the distractions lead you astray. When you do this, your family members or visitors to your office will tend to do the same.If you allow household interruptions to throw the day out of whack then those around you will be colluding with you to do just that! You daily actions will give value and communicate to others that you are operating a real home based business. You’re the one who will be communicating the importance of your time to others who come into your office setting.This is not to say that one must be real “hard lined” about this and not allow your daughter to come in to show you a great picture she has just completed. It does, though, mean she will know this is something that is okay to do from time to time, (when it is a really special picture) but generally she will realize that Mommy or Daddy are at the office now and it is off limits for the most part.Your family must work out how all this will play out on a daily basis but the idea that will prevail is “Daddy or Mommy is not home right now he is at work”.”I now have grandchildren around the house and even at 30 months they understand this. Again, I always stop and have him sit on my lap when he does come in but he knows it’s special when he comes.Real Home Based Businesses Require FocusDon’t get distracted by the side issues that may seem at the moment to be urgent. It all happens too easily to the home based business person. You really need to purpose in your own mind and heart that you are totally committed to making this new lifestyle work -I’m working from home to generate a significant income and never going back to the corporate world. But don’t waver between the two arenas – the old corporate world and the new home business environment.Be totally committed to building your real home based businesses. The fact you have decided to work out of your home should have no bearing on your potential or your ability to succeed. But it does require that you see it as it really is – a business you are willing to stay totally focused in to generate the income and freedom you want so you can be all you can be.Building your real home based businesses to the point that you are building a significant income will ultimately become the evidence that you were serious about starting and building your own real home based businesses.

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